13581 Elsinger Road, Wilmot, SD 57279


Full Downdraft Spray Bake Booth


Route 15 Body Works spray booth can fit: Cars, Trucks, RVs, and Semis! The down draft spray booth has two major functions: provide a clean working environment for paint refinishing, and efficiently remove paint overspray from the booth. A down draft spray booth draws air through the air make-up unit where air is prefiltered and preheated before it enters the spray booth through the plenum. As air enters the spray booth plenum, where it is directed down vertically through diffusion media filters located in the ceiling of the spray booth. As air is drawn through the diffusion media filters, it passes around the article being painted and is drawn through the exhaust filters located in the floor or the pit of the spray booth. After the paint overspray passes through the exhaust filters, the air is drawn out by the exhaust fan, and up through the exhaust stack.

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